Feature: Film Fluff – One Year In

twitter-avatarWhat a year it has been for Film Fluff!

What started as a full-on geeky rant about some film I can’t remember ended in a suggestion from my wife that I set up a film blog. To this day I still think she proposed this to save her from future movie-related outbursts; it hasn’t worked…

I started Film Fluff towards the end of 2015 as a hobby-blog, one that I hoped people would find accessible and that didn’t take anything too seriously and was entertaining and funny. I have a reputation of being a bit of a film snob, especially when I’m not afraid to watch a foreign-language film and turn my nose up at anything that has “Michael Bay” and “Transformers” on the cover, but I hope this blog has shown that I just love good films and that I don’t just like a film because it is an under-represented foreign masterpiece. Guff comes in many languages!

I never dreamed that I would be sitting here writing about my three television appearances. Me? TV?! Whilst I’m brave enough to step in front of the camera I never thought I’d be invited back after the first show, never mind a further two times. Carl Jones took a big risk in asking me to do his Brummywood Yammywood show and was kind enough to invite me back for his Big Picture show and for a one-off special on Christmas Eve. I was part of the Christmas schedule! What was previously Big Centre TV is now Made In Birmingham, click here for more information on the station, and for more information on Carl Jones please click here.


I was also delighted to take part in the Screen Brum radio show on Brum Radio. I responded to a call out on Twitter for guests to appear on the show and approached the presenter, Blake Woodham, with an idea based on a blog I wrote about introductory films to foreign cinema (click here for the blog). I had five films to discuss and Blake liked the idea… but wanted at least another ten to fill the show! I watched so many foreign films over those weeks in the lead up to show that I’m convinced the neighbours thought I was running some kind of continental B&B with the sounds of foreign languages seeping through the walls! I even had to book a day off work for a marathon film session (Best. Day. Ever!) and the show was such good fun. If you would like to listen to the show then click here, and click the links for more on Screen Brum and Brum Radio.


It’s not all been sunshine and lollipops though. This year the threat of closure for my wife and I’s favourite cinema, Light House Media Centre, has unfortunately become more real. Their funding has been cut and they need £100,000 to stay open. It would be a travesty if this wonderful cinema was to close its doors. It does so much more for Wolverhampton than screen films: it has a café, a gallery space for emerging artists, language meet-ups, film quizzes, thinema to name but a few. It is a remarkable independent cinema and a registered charity, so if you would like to donate then please click here, or if you live in the Wolverhampton area or the West Midlands, then just simply turn up and use it. We won’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone…


Twitter has been such a good outlet for Film Fluff. I can post blog and trailer links with ease and I think it is the best platform to share my thoughts and ramblings. If you like your film stuff then I heartily recommend the 500 Days of Film blog, written by one of my favourite movie writers, Jane Douglas-Jones. She has been so supportive of my Twitter adventure with retweets and engaging comments. If social media had a spokesperson for how to be the very best on this platform then Jane would be that person. Search @500DaysOfFilm on Twitter and click here for Jane’s blog. Another inspirational Tweeter is Sue Guest. If you live in Wolverhampton in the UK and have an interest in or are involved in the arts then get and follow Sue as she works tirelessly to promote the work of artists across all mediums. She has been so encouraging of Film Fluff with her Tweets and is the only one to get a #FollowFriday from me where she was the only one mentioned. Sue’s Twitter handle is @_Guesty_

Most importantly of all, my biggest thanks go to my wonderful and patient wife, Claire. She may well have seen Film Fluff as just a healthy outlet for my geekery, but it has consumed my free-time more than I expected it to and Claire has been by my side throughout. She has taken days off work to support me when I’m on TV and the radio, suggested topics to Tweet and write about, but, most importantly, she has understood how much I enjoy doing Film Fluff and has not once criticised the amount of time I devote to it. Claire writes a fantastic food and travel blog, which can be read here, and she can also be followed on Twitter on @travelstodge. Claire is also a talented crafter and is currently selling handmade jewellery with artwork in the pipeline. Her work can be found here.

So, what lies ahead in 2017? I have an idea of where I would like Film Fluff to be this time next year but I will take it all in my stride. I hope to be revealing more details of an exciting opportunity I have lined up around February/March time, so long as I don’t fluff it up!

I would like to thank all my followers on the blog, Twitter and Instagram for sticking with me for all this time. Your follows mean a lot to me. Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2017 for us all.



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